Arjan Post | Walking | installation view ©

In the past 3 years my work was dedicated to the discrepancy between space and our perception of space. At first I did my investigation through photography, but the last 6 months I have been trying to translate this discrepancy in another wayIn photography we can easily recognize the distortion we also have in our perception. But when a space is bigger than our perception we find ourselves at the limits of our literal visualization. We have to incorporate orientation in the process of visualizing space. Combining visual and orientational information is rather difficult. I decided to isolate orientation from the process and see if there is, as with visual perception, any distortion which could mislead us.



I designed a compass that can make a transcript of the direction you are moving and I took it with me while trying to walk in a straight line. I never looked up to orientate with my surroundings, I was constantly verifying if I felt like I was still walking straight aheadlooking back at my footsteps in the sand I wasn’t walking straight at all, but the general line was straight. My compass showed me the same. Every step creates a distortion, which is then corrected by the next step.

The process of looking back at what happened is by far the most important part of this project. I found myself trying to connect footage of the walking with the line created by the compass. When it doesn’t match it feels somehow disorientated. I build a machine thatconstantly tries to connect the line to the video footage. By doing so I tried to convey this discomforting feeling of disorientation to the viewer. This machine is an applied version of the very first step of my research about orientation in space.